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Russell Chartier



Russell Chartier's work in the Video Art Medium explores multiple layers and focuses heavily on texture and color. Many of the images in his works are distorted and manipulated in various unorthodox ways to create a visual depth where recognizable images will appear within the tapestry of manipulated images and textures. His work has been presented and exhibited in concerts, festivals, galleries, and museums across the Americas, Europe, Australia and Asia. Russell attended the College of Santa Fe. He went on to study Broadcast Engineering at the Cleveland Institute of Electronics and received his MA from the University of Canterbury in Media Arts.


He has spent many years working in Broadcast Television for various networks including A&E, The History Channel, YES Network, Lifetime, NFL, NHL, NBC, CBS and several others. He is currently a Transmission Engineer for NBC Sports and formerly a Broadcast Operations Supervisor at Encompass Digital Media.

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