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Maura McDonnell



Maura McDonnell is a visual music artist based in Ireland, who creates visuals for new music and electroacoustic music concerts, fixed media screenings and installation productions. The medium of choice is visual effects and generative effects video and the style of her work is abstract. The meaningfulness that she seeks in her work is to explore the artistic, emotional, musical and multi-sensory evocativeness of music in a shared similarly crafted visual world. Maura has worked with both fixed media music and has collaborated with music composers to create ‘visual music’ works. In 2005, she set up a visual music blog to document and research what she saw as an emerging field of creative art activity .


She has presented her visual music work and research at numerous international festivals, symposiums, conferences, film screenings and music concerts. Her works have won awards in the visual music field. “Silk Chroma” (2010), a work that she collaborated on with the Irish composer Linda Buckley, won an honorary Visual Music award in Germany in 2011. Her work “Duel Tones” (2016) that she collaborated on with her daughter Bébhinn McDonnell won an honorary mention at the Artecitte Synaesthesia MuVi 5 conference and festival in May, 2018. Maura is an active participant in the international visual music scene and contributes to writings, publications and the sharing of ideas on the topic of visual music.  She is in the final stage of writing her PhD dissertation on visual music.  Maura lectures on visual music in the M.Phil. in music and media technologies course at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

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