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Francesca Bonci



Francesca Bonci was born in Italy to a Thai mother and a “globetrotting” Italian father. She lived in Turin, Pesaro, Lisbon, Bologna, and Monrovia when she was a child. She is a video maker, new media visual artist, and vj whose work since the early 2000s has consisted of abstract videoclips and artwork for musical projects and events. In recent years, she she has been working with live video projects and visual performances, attending various music and art festivals throughout Europe. She has create emotionally captivating visuals, shaping sound into colors and light. She works on experimental videos for individual songs, concept albums, and backgrounds for live performances. 

Now based in Bologna, Bonci is currently on tour in Europe, partaking in live performances with a personal audio-visual project, collaborating live with alternative and post rock bands and working on the OLH project with musician and painter Joe Linus and photographer and director, Chris Felver.

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